Military train carrying vehicles arrived in Zelenogorsk

Exceptionally long train carries multiple vehicles, including armored ones.

Long train with military equipment and vehicles approaches Zelenogorsk. Tower of Zelena Gora is visible in the background.

Military train with vehicles arrived in Zelenogorsk. (courtesy of an anonymous person)

Military train came from Russia

Over a dozen cargo wagons and several for carrying vehicle arrived in Zelenogorsk today morning. The train drove through Chernarus at night to avoid disruption in local transport.

Russia claims the transport contains uniforms, helmets, vests, AKs and other personal weapons, ammunition, fragmentation, smoke and stun grenades as well as a bunch of explosives, as there is a shortage of these in Chedaki forces.

Chedaki leader thanks Russia for additional equipment

Serafim Smirnov thanked Russia for their constant support and friendliness. He said transports from Russia are crucial to keeping Chernarus safe.

Daniel Špaděl is a specialist correspondent, based in Chernarus. Awarded by Chernarus Journalists Committee with an award for 2016 year and his reportage about government's corruption, nepotism and cronyism. Previously with the Chernogorsk Times, Daniel joined AAN in 2017.

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