Hot pursuit through Chernarus, thieves apprehended

Suspects were speeding through Chernogorsk, Kabanino and Vybor until crashing on a tree near Zelenogorsk

Pickup crashed into a tree, surrounded by Militia cars. Militia arresting two perpetrators, another one tries to escape on foot, chased by 3 Militia men. One officer carries the retrieved briefcase.

Pursuit ended north of Zelenogorsk with pickup smashing into a tree on the side of the road. (AAN World News)

Reckless pursuit through central Chernarus

I was going back home when a reckless pickup swung by me in Chernogorsk, immediately followed by 2 Militia cars with sirens on. Without any thought, I turned around and joined the chase, hoping to get some good photos.

The suspect was heading north through Nadiezdino and Rogowo towards Kabanino. Upon reaching the village, he spotted Zelenogorsk Militia van blocking the road to Stary Sobor, and turned left just in front of it, heading for Wybor. Took left again in there and flew through Pustoshka, barely making the turn at the edge of the town.

Their luck ended after reaching Sosnowka. Going downhill, the pickup probably was going three times over the speed limit with a Militia car heading towards them from Zelenogorsk. They probably wanted to outturn the head-on Militia and turned too sharply, which caused the truck to flip. It did not even make a full roll over before ending the chase on a nearby tree.

Suspects apprehended, they had illegal weapons and money

Militia quickly surrounded the pickup. Two bullies surrendered straight away, intimidated by all the guns pointed at them. Last one thought he was not going to go to jail and tried to escape on foot. Three officers and a helicopter went after an injured escapee and caught him in a minute.

In the meantime, Militia managed to retrieve a briefcase from suspects’ car and arrest them for theft and robbery. They also found several AKs in the pickup bed.

Robbers and their loot were taken to Zelenogorsk Militia station. They will be transported to Chernogorsk Main Militia station tomorrow morning.

Daniel Špaděl is a specialist correspondent, based in Chernarus. Awarded by Chernarus Journalists Committee with an award for 2016 year and his reportage about government's corruption, nepotism and cronyism. Previously with the Chernogorsk Times, Daniel joined AAN in 2017.

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